Me At The Moment

For when you have nothing better to do...

21 July
Ok I have always thought that life is complicated, basically my journal is all the events that happen in my life. Its full of the good and the bad. It has the moments that put a smile on my face and those moments that make me wish I could forget them. But they are memories and they shape us, they turn us into our future self. My friends play a key role in my journal; they mean a heap to me. They are part of my life and so I write about them as well. My journal is a teenager’s journal so one of the things that play a key role in this is love. I’d like to say that my group is weird, we date each other. And so we have the break-ups, the arguments and the beautiful moments. When I am old and crusty and senile I want to be able to read about what I can't remember, which will be my life. All the moments. And I want to be able to laugh at what I did and things that I regretted doing. Its a journal, its my life and I don't care if what I write gets on your nerves. It’s my writing and sometimes it helps to read the journals of others to understand your own life. So have a read and think what the hell was she thinking.